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Click has rebranded to Perspective

Make the invisible visible.

Perspective is a platform and proprietary methodology. 


It gives leaders peripheral vision and turns every employee into a risk scout and innovator. 


It also enables psychological safety, improves working lives, and creates high performance teams.

Validated in 150+ universities and 4,000+ organizations globally.


Know what you don't know.

Most leaders don’t truly know what is going on in their businesses.


Information is filtered by the people around them.


They have numerous blind spots.

And blind spots often have financial, legal, reputational, or even existential consequences.

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Instantly create a culture of innovation.

Innovation comes from looking at things differently. 


It requires the bringing together of diverse perspectives.  It's about examining things from various angles, leveraging varied experiences, and identifying overlooked opportunities.


Perspective makes innovation an organization-wide habit.

It makes it safe and easy for all employees to continually contribute their ideas and insights.  This amplifies the pool of potential innovations captured and implemented.

Moreover, it highlights these innovations and their outcomes, empowering leaders to scale them effectively.

Risk Mitigation.

Turn your workforce into risk scouts.

It’s not the things that leaders see that cause them problems.  It’s the things that they do not see.  But someone always sees them. 


By harnessing the risk mitigation potential of your entire workforce, you can radically amplify your ability to identify and resolve potential issues before it is too late.


Perspective creates a safe and easy way for employees to continually raise to visibility and address risks, integrating risk mitigation seamlessly into everyday operations.


It captures the things that may make it to your whistle-blower hotline, but more importantly, it captures all the very many things that never will.


Moreover, it empowers employees to mitigate 80% of identified risks independently, enabling central teams to focus on addressing the remaining 20%.

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Virtual Team Meeting

High Performance Teams.

Help your teams thrive despite the challenging landscape.

There have never been more barriers to optimal team performance:

  • Hybrid working

  • Constant change

  • Always-on era

  • Expectations of instant delivery

  • Multi-generational workforce

  • Complexity of commercial landscape

  • AI

  • Globalization

Client and customer expectations have reached new heights and competition is fiercer than ever.

Perspective’s proprietary High-Performance Teams methodology offers a scalable and sustainable way for teams to continually self-optimize.


It ensures every team member has a voice and feels safe using it, cultivating inclusive decision-making and a strong organizational culture. This methodology also helps teams understand their strengths, barriers to progress, and areas for improvement. Additionally, it enables the measurement and enhancement of engagement, resilience, and well-being within the team.


Manage the threat and opportunity represented by Social & Governance issues.

Effective management of Environmental, Social and Governance matters enhances organizational value, signalling a robust, future-ready enterprise.


Perspective offers high impact, low effort, reportable, results under the Social and Governance pillars:

Social - diversity and wellbeing: 

Perspective fosters a culture of psychological safety and inclusivity, allowing all voices to be heard. It equips teams to optimize their wellbeing, and implement impactful, scalable solutions tailored to their diverse needs, experiences, and identities.



Perspective transforms risk management into a collaborative, organization-wide endeavour.   It also monitors and reduces psychosocial risk, ensuring compliance and resilience.

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The power of Perspective.

Peripheral vision for ambitious leaders.

Whilst you are laser focused on your goals, Perspective will ensure that your organization is in optimal shape.  It illuminates potential disruptions to your plan, allowing you to plot the best possible path.

Image of a smart phone showing the perspective app.  A resilience score of 72 out of 100 is visible along with a psychological safety score of 74 and an engagement score of 82.

Perspective pays for itself through productivity gains.


Engagement ​



Customer satisfaction​

And reducing:​




Perspective is based on a framework and methodology created by renowned occupational psychologist, Kathryn McEwen.  It has been validated in over 150 Universities and 4,000 organizations globally. 

It can be made available in any language and meets the information security standards of some of the world's most respected businesses.

Clients include:

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